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We are now open to public...  Come and visit us  when you are in Pasir Gudang



Welcome to Sarang Buaya

When you are in Pasir Gudang be sure to make time to visit its newest attraction the Sarang Buaya, located at the Tanjung Langsat Port.

Come along and bring your family...

and explore  more than 1,000 Crocodylus Porosus or better known as Buaya Tembaga in a 8 acres land-scaped setting in a natural habitat breeding enclosure and perfectly man-made sanctuary ponds carved out for the creatures. 

There’s plenty of interactive stuff for your kids who can also get close to the baby Crocodiles action.

Different species of crocodiles are being kept in specific ponds, where visitors can have a thorough look at the crocodiles while walking around.

Come and visit us from 9.00am to 6.00pm 7 days a week !




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